The PLS network Tripod Approach

Ruth, one of the PLS bridge devs (a pseudonym I’m sure), presented an elevator pitch.

A few community members have given this strategy a nickname “The Tripod”

It is a way of interacting with all of the Richard Heart projects to maximize profits.

This discussion revolves around 3 different steps

1st. Delegating $pls tokens to validator/s of your choice.

2nd. Interacting with PulseSwap, a fork of pancake swap that Richard Heart is working on with the dev team. (eHex and pHex liquidity pools)

3rd. Parallel behavior on both chains. (Ethereum and Pulsechain)

These are the three legs to the strategy at the main net launch. Maximizing profits while working in tandem between the two chains.

PulseChain has not launched yet.

PulseChain has not launched yet.

Check out the Testnet Pulse token Faucet

Try to delegate stake on the Pulsechain Testnet

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